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Our products

  We mainly produce industry packaging for food, pharmaceutical and chemical products of polyethylene and laminated films. Packaging according to customer requirements and own injection molding complete our product range.

Food Industry

- Bag in Box
- Pillowliner and cubic liners for liquid food 3-1300 liters
- Vacuum liner for big bags
- packaging according to customer requirements

Pharma Industry / cleanroom production

qualified celanroom environment according to ISO 14644-1 class 5 and 7
- Gusseted liners
- flat bag
- three side sealed bag of PET / AL / PE and Tyvek®
- double bag
- axially unfolded foil tubes with up to 50 meters in length
- manufacture flexible isolators
- packaging according to customer requirements

Chemical Industry

- Liner for Oktabins and big bags of PE, PET / AL / PE, EVOH composite and many more.
- special packaging
- packaging according to customer requirements

Special welding machines

- Welding machines for special applications


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